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Success Rate

Innovation’s Claims success Rate since inception is 94.1%

(with FSCS and FOS) - Updated Dec 2021

Recently Awarded Compensation

The utilisation of our financial services and claims experience, has resulted in successful compensation claims and substantial recovery of invested funds, previously thought ‘lost’ by many of our clients.

Mrs D

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £50,000
(fees and VAT apply)

Mr S

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £45,005
(fees and VAT apply)

Mr P

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £50,000
(fees and VAT apply)

Mr V

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £50,000
(fees and VAT apply)

Mr R & Mrs R

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £50,000
(fees and VAT apply)

Mr M

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £142,372
(Tax, fees and VAT apply)

Mrs W

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £50,000
(fees and VAT apply)

Dr J

Awarded compensation from the FSCS of £18,145
(fees and VAT apply)

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Have you been a victim of being Mis-Sold?

Have you been mis-sold?

Had an investment, SIPP, annuity, pension plan that didn't live up to expectations.  Been persuaded to invest your hard-earned money into a loss making investment scheme?  You could be owed £1,000's in compensation.  Let us help you get back what is rightly yours.

You have the choice of going direct to FOS or the FSCS as this is free of charge or you can use our services to help you every step of the way. Your choice.

How far back can you look into pension transfers?

The Regulator has imposed ‘time-barring ‘rules, that allow up to six years for a claim to be made from the date at which you were mis-sold or three years from when you ought to have realised there was a problem with your pension or investment.

There can be mitigating circumstances that the Regulator may accept for a delay in your claim, for example serious illness, however, we would encourage you to make your claim now.

The rules as they relate to Final Salary Pension Schemes differ, in that there is no time limit on such claims and for pension providers who are no longer active, fifteen years is the time limit.

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How do I know if I have been mis-sold a pension?

mis-sold - Find out?

If your regulated financial adviser has followed the Financial Conduct Authority rules and regulations as to the provision of suitable advice, you should have been provided with a clear and understandable report/letter explaining why the recommendation being made is ‘suitable’ for you and your circumstances, taking into account the conversations you have had covering: -

* Your current financial and personal circumstances,
* Your financial objectives for the future,
* How you understand and appreciate risk and its impact on your future investments,
* What capacity you have to withstand any loss in the value of your future investments,

Make sure you're not losing out

In reaching the recommendation your regulated financial adviser should have examined and compared the most appropriate investments, including the recommendation and clearly presented the rationale behind the recommendation.

You should have been given time to consider the report and recommendations and an opportunity to discuss/review the conclusions before proceeding.

If your experience is not totally in line with the above process, then it is possible you have been mis-sold and you should consider making a claim for compensation – we can help you.

Evidence of mis-sold advice/products, examples taken from some of our client’s successful recoveries:
* Sudden, unexplained drop in value of your pension fund / drawdown pension / investment.
* Closure of the IFA firm you were advised by or your SIPP provider.

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FSCS Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21 states, "we paid compensation to customers who had experienced losses from 1,131 different companies, including 92 which failed this year". 

The Financial Ombudsman Service 2021/22 Annual Report, for the year ended 31 March 2022, states that it received a total of 16,276 complaints relating to pensions and investment, and upheld 28% of these complaints.  The number of complaints is relatively small when compared with the huge number of pensions and investments arranged in a year and so it is clear that there are many good financial advisers out there.  However, when it does go wrong………

Consequently, there are many good financial advisers out there.  However, when it does go wrong, the results can be very serious indeed – hard earned savings lost, retirement plans in tatters and financial security shattered.  We at Innovation Contracting specialise in helping clients recoup their losses when they have been on the receiving end of bad advice” 

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Why seek Innovation’s help with your mis-solD claim?

At Innovation we believe that in every claim we submit, our client has been mis-sold and should be compensated for their loss. (If we didn’t, we would not have put the claim forward).  Our objective is the same as our claimants, to recover your lost investment or pension fund monies, by way of compensation.

There can never be a guarantee of success with a claim but:

The Financial Ombudsman Service 2021/22 Annual Report shows that they upheld 28% of all pension/investment complaints.

The FSCS 2021/22 Annual Report & Accounts shows they made 132,000 claim decisions, of which they upheld 71%.

Innovation’s current success rate at recovering our client’s lost pension and investment monies is 94.1% as calculated at November 2021, based on cases submitted since our inception (FSCS and FOS).

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why us?

Although it is possible to submit your own compensation claim free of charge to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (whichever is appropriate), many people feel they do not have the expertise, experience, time or even confidence to do so. Restoring financial injustice takes skill, which is why all claims are overseen and submitted by experts in their field.  That way, our customers know their claim is in the very safest hands - and that the advice and support they receive is of the highest quality.

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I would like to thank you very much for helping me to get compensation for my lost investment.
Without your assistance, I would have lost everything.  Thank you - Mr K, Fife
Superb service.  I can't thank David and Innovation Contracting enough.
I never thought I would win any compensation as it's such a minefield of paperwork. But David successfully navigated through this to a beneficial ending.  Absolutely zero chance of this result without them - Mrs J A.
During my compensation claim I was kept informed regularly.
I'm very happy with the outcome and service I received - Mrs S, Warwickshire.
Innovation Contracting have handled my claim very well and kept me informed of everything that is happening with my claim.
I would recommend them to anyone in the same position as me - Mrs J A.
I had two cases to deal with the FSCS recently and have approached David Graham of Innovation Contracting Limited.
He was courteous, very responsive and obviously experienced as he helped correct the FSCS's mistake and proceed with our claims both successfully. I highly recommend him. - MW
Very happy with the way my claim was handled. David was very helpful and explained everything clearly in a friendly polite manner.
I would recommend anyone to use Innovation.  A great company - Mr H, Essex
Would like to thank everyone for their unfailing kindness and help with my claim.
I appreciate all that they did for me - Mrs K, Cumbria
How can I make a mis-sold claim?

The first step is to simply fill out the online contact form………

We will contact you directly to determine your best route forward to recover your lost pension fund or investment monies. We will assist you in completing relevant paperwork, necessary to obtain the details required to determine the validity of your claim. Rest assured we will carry out all the activities required. We will complete all the due diligence necessary to formulate your compensation claim, keeping you advised of progress.

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