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Investments are more often ‘sold’ than ‘bought’ and so most investors have been advised to take a particular course of action. Some investors are recommended investments and pension plans by Independent Financial Advisers, whilst many are sold investments and pensions by tied agents, bank counter staff, building society managers etc. These investments can take many forms (Bonds, ISAs, Pensions, SIPPS, Annuities etc) and can be quite complicated. Our aim is to make a complex situation easy to understand and, if any failings occurred in the advice received, we will help you make a claim for compensation. 

Initially we will chat with you about your background, the advice you received, the product you invested in and the adviser who gave you advice. 

If we both agree that there is the potential for a valid claim, we will then ask you, your adviser and any relevant third parties to provide us with copies of any documents you or they hold relating to the financial advice you were given. This documentation may include details of your personal circumstances as recorded on the adviser’s records, copies of the ‘suitability letters’ sent to you, details of any risk warnings given, key features documentation relating to the recommended investment etc. We carefully track and chase responses to each request to ensure we can appraise the situation as quickly as possible and gauge the likely success of a claim. In particular we will work in accordance with all relevant statutory time limits. 

Once we have received the responses, we will conduct a detailed appraisal to assess the merits of your complaint and advise you as to the most appropriate course of action for you. We will point out any breaches by the adviser of the regulations appropriate to the sale and promotion of the investment and if any misrepresentations were made. If we think you have the basis of a valid claim, we will tell you and advise you of the options available to you which may include making a claim via the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or (if the advising firm is insolvent) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If we believe you do not have a good claim or if we feel litigation is a better option for you to pursue your claim, we will tell you and although we will decline to act for you, we will explain why we have made this decision. 

The bottom line:

*If you cancel your claim after our 14 day cooling off period, a cancellation fee may be payable.  Please see our Terms and Conditions  for details'.​

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