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Have I been mis-sold a SIPP?

Have I been mis-sold a SIPP?

Advice to transfer into a Self -Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

What is a SIPP?

You may recognise these statements as the basis of your adviser’s recommendation: -

A SIPP is a regulated pension ‘wrapper’ allowing you to accumulate your future pension benefits in a tax advantageous manner, in preparation for your retirement.

A SIPP is a do-it -yourself pension. You can choose what investments you want to put in your pension. You can keep control of your pension savings.

Benefits of a SIPP.

You can take control of your pension savings with a SIPP. A SIPP has all the tax benefits of a standard pension, but you can choose from a greater number of investments to spread your money and potentially help reduce your risk.

What does a mis-sold SIPP look like?

The reality can be somewhat different to the presentation you received.

Many of you will have received advice from a regulated IFA to transfer your existing pension benefits into a ‘flexible SIPP, under your control’ for which unregulated, alternative and High-Risk investments were recommended.

Such high-risk investments may well now be illiquid and fallen substantially in value, in some cases your future pension benefits may have fallen to zero value, or are locked in some seemingly endless overseas litigation.

Innovation have found that it is invariably the case, that had appropriate due diligence been carried out at the time the advice was given, the regulated adviser should not have recommended the transfer or investments.

Whilst in principle the concept of a SIPP was a sound addition to the range and flexibility of pension schemes, for many of you this has been lost as a result of the subsequent investments recommended being high-risk, illiquid and unregulated, often resulting in a total loss of your future pension benefits due to poor performance, higher charges, fraud and unsaleable assets.

We have recovered substantial sums of pension retirement monies for our clients who have been mis-sold (see Case Studies- Clients for whom we have successfully recovered their lost pension fund monies)

If this scenario is familiar to you contact us…….

Reference: Case Study 3. Mr. R, 8. Dr J.


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