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Have I been mis-sold an Investment?

Have I been mis-sold an Investment?

There is a huge range of investments where we see mis-selling but the most common areas of claim involve investments that have made capital losses, usually unexpectedly or dramatically. The products most usually associated with such claims are Investment Bonds, With-Profit Bonds, Equity ISA, unit trusts, structured products and ‘Alternative Investments’. The advice investors receive should be ‘clear, fair and not misleading’, and ‘suitable for the client’s investment objectives’. Where the advice falls short of these directives, it may be a case of mis-selling. As with other areas of mis-selling, the following often applies: a) Risk - the advice given did not take into account the individual’s attitude towards risk and their tolerance of losses. b) Understanding – the advantages and disadvantages of the investment strategy were not explained in equal measure. Perhaps the investor was inexperienced. Maybe there was a deliberate attempt to misinform the investor. If the investor is elderly, should they have had a friend/relative present when the advice was given – i.e. were they vulnerable? c) Liquidity – the investment (usually an ‘alternative’ investment’) is illiquid and difficult to transfer out of. It is also usual that this type of investment is difficult to value. If you think your Investment was unsuitable for you and you were mis-sold, please complete the contact form below.

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